Tips for Staying Safe on the Roadway in Another State

There are many things you encounter when you travel out of town or even out of your home state. For starters, you may find the weather and driving conditions to be different from your own city and even the manner in which the motorists drive in. Sightseeing is common as you may never have been to this destination which means you could become distracted as you are exploring and traveling around. Many people tend to be a bit more lax when they travel as most times they are on vacation.

But, just as cautious as you are when out driving at home is the same level of caution you want to take while on vacation. Just because you are expected to enjoy this time away from work and all your other daily responsibilities doesn’t mean you are exempt from engaging in an auto accident.

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It’s always nice to take a road trip into another state but it is extremely important that precaution is taken as an auto accident can still occur.

Atlanta Braves Player and Family Injured in Accident in Miami-Dade 

A car accident can occur anywhere, anytime, and at any given moment. CBS News confirms this as they share the story highlighting an auto accident involving Atlanta Braves player Sean Rodriguez. Rodriguez, his wife, and two children were traveling around last Saturday afternoon in Miami-Dade County when their vehicle was t-boned by a Miami police cruiser.

Unlike most accidents that occur that involve cops, this police cruiser had been stolen and the driver was attempting to get away. Detectives reported that the suspect driving the cruiser was heading eastbound on SW 24 Street and lost control of his vehicle. This caused the vehicle to swerve into the westbound lanes hitting two vehicles, one being Rodriguez and his family’s.

Rodriguez did not suffer any injuries but his family did require medical attention and were transported to the local hospital. His wife is said to be in fair condition and his two children were in serious but stable condition.

What Can You Do To Stay Safe on the Roadways When Traveling? 

Independent Traveler highlights several differing things you can do to make your road trip safer and some are mentioned below. 

  1. Get enough rest before you begin your long drive.
  1. Take breaks to stretch your legs and grab a snack.
  2. If you need to stop, pull off the road. You are going to want to avoid pulling off to the shoulder. Car accident attorneys in Miami-Dade know this is rather dangerous and could lead to an unforeseen accident.
  3. Be aware of the cell phone laws in the state you are traveling into.
  4. If you are renting a car for your vacation, take some time to familiarize yourself with it.
  5. Be aware of the state’s traffic laws that you are going to be visiting.

How to Handle an Accident Claim in Another State 

If you are involved in an auto collision in another state, you are going to want to handle it the same way you would had in occurred in your home state. And if you happen to be in Florida and have any questions regarding submitting a claim, you can always contact a local car accident lawyer in Miami-Dade through

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