Two victims in Village Saint George after vehicle was found in pond

Village Saint George, LA – When a driver suddenly loses control of their vehicle, the results can be disastrous. Obstacles nearby such as trees or bodies of water can become deadly, and serious injuries may occur. Depending on the specifics of each accident, it may be possible to identify a party who is legally and financially responsible for the crash.

The Advocate reported on an auto accident where two fatalities occurred after a vehicle became submerged in a pond [1]. 

Driver loses control near a pond

Louisiana State Police responded to a pond on private property in the area of Bayou Manchac in Ascension Parish. They believe that the two victims were on Perkins Road near the East Baton Rouge Parish border. At approximately noon that day, the driver hit a tree while going around a curve in the road. Following this impact with a tree, the vehicle became submerged in a pond nearby. The state police did not have an explanation of how the driver lost control or went off of the road at the time of the news report.  

After the collision was reported, the Saint George Fire Department responded and emergency workers entered the water wearing life jackets. This first search was unsuccessful and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office needed to respond to the area with dive team members. They eventually located the vehicle under water with two victims inside. 

The victims were identified as both being 16 year old females from Prairieville. 

Liability for the accident

In a single vehicle crash like this, it may seem that the driver made a mistake and no one else is at fault. However, this is not always the case. Things like poor road conditions can be the responsibility of a local government or construction crew. It is also possible that the vehicle had a sudden malfunction and the manufacturer can be implicated in a products liability lawsuit. This can also prompt a recall of defective parts or notifications that there was a serious problem during the manufacturing process. An attorney who handles car accident lawsuits in Louisiana can provide more specific details about these kinds of cases and the amount of compensation available.

Auto accident attorneys are available

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