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If you were recently involved in auto accident in the state of Virginia, you probably called your local police and had a police report filed. While you may have not received a copy on scene of the collision, it is important that you obtain your copy of the report for your personal records as well as to ensure everything documented was in fact accurate. A police report is going to contain some of the most important information your insurance company is going to ask for and it is easier if you have it handy so you can provide it to them. A police report may include the following information:

Because police reports are crucial to a car accident case, you need to know how you can obtain your copy of the report. And if you choose to hire a Virginia car accident attorney through to assist with your car accident claim, having this report will not only be helpful to your attorney but also beneficial to your case.


Who Can Request a Car Accident Report?

Sometimes there is only one driver involved in the accident while other times there are passengers and other motorists who are implicated by the crash. The state of Virginia does have specific guidelines regarding who can request a copy of the report and those are shared below. The information has been taken from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and may be able to assist you if you aren’t sure as to where you can get yourself a copy of the accident and if you are able to legally do so.

According to § 46.2-380 of the Code of Virginia, the DMV will release a crash report to those involved in the car accident or their authorized representatives including:

Now, maybe you are the loved one of an injury victim looking to retrieve a copy of this information or are looking for a detail from the case that has been left out. If you weren’t involved in the accident, you may be entitled to receive:

A person who meets the state requirements can obtain a copy of the police report up to 36 months from the date of the crash. The DMV maintains these reports which means you may be able to get a copy from here or your local police department.

In the event you are having difficulty filing your car accident claim or the police report doesn’t seem to help your insurer provide you with the rightful compensation you are due, give us a call and we will connect you with one of the best car accident lawyers in the state of Virginia.