Unexpected car accidents can result in minor hiccups in a person’s life, but in many cases long term disability, physical and financial hardship, or personal loss of property and loved ones is the outcome.  Car accident lawyers understand the necessity of securing a financial court award, or insurance settlement that will fully cover the negative impacts to an accident victim’s life.  The requested award can include compensatory and punitive damages.   

State laws.  

A personal injury lawyer, utilizing supporting state-specific accident laws, can sue for damage compensation on behalf of car accident victims, based on the assignment of fault for proven claims of negligence associated with car accidents. Compensation is based on the state’s negligence laws including modified comparative negligence, pure comparative negligence, tort action and “no fault” that allow partial, or full compensation for individuals to recover damages. A Westerville Ohio car accident attorney can explain the state-specific nuances of negligence laws that are directly related to a client’s case.


A Ohio car accident attorney will review the damage valuation determinations for auto insurance claims, to determine the payment of:

  • Compensatory damages for economic losses including lost wages, medical bills, medical care, and treatment, plus household expenses and non-economic losses that include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or companionship.
  • Punitive damages when a car accident lawyer can prove that a defendant deliberately, with reckless disregard, acted in a manner to cause harm to another person, and in accordance with state law.  
  • Capitation on monetary awards is dependent on state laws, the type of car accident and if catastrophic loss, or death occurs, and if criminal actions caused the car accident

Statute of limitations.

If a legal claim is not filed before the time period outlined in the state’s laws, a civil court system may refuse to hear the case, unless there is an approved exception.  Exceptions might include a new awareness of an injury sustained in a car accident, without realizing negative impacts until sometime in the future.  In some cases the filing window may be extended. 

Experts strengthen a case.

A Ohio car accident attorney may require the expert testimony of accident scene re-constructionists, financial professionals, and medical professionals to convey the need for higher awards based on catastrophic injury requiring long term medical treatment, prolonged pain and suffering, and continued negative impacts to financial stability through diminished, or lost earnings. 

Wrongful death.

A Westerville car accident lawyer can initiate a wrongful death legal action for a decedent’s legal representatives and loved ones when a person dies as a result of the negligent, reckless, or deliberate act of another during the accident.  Car accident attorneys can request necessary damages.  

Legal counsel.

Auto accident insurance claims and personal injury litigation necessary to recover car accident damages, requires the services of competent lawyers. Experienced Westerville Ohio car accident attorneys can build strong cases with supporting evidence, and objectively speak on a victim’s behalf in court, or with an insurance company’s legal team to yield a positive result.