Whether a person is driving on the road, or they are a pedestrian trying to cross the street, there is always the risk of getting involved in a hit and run accident. The unfortunate truth is that hit and run accidents are relatively common and they occur regularly in Jackson, MS.

A hit and run accident can be defined as a driver causing some form of an accident or harm to others on the road, and the driver escaping from the scene of the collision without getting out and helping the victims or without exchanging contact information with the individuals involved. By law, all drivers are required to remain at the scene of the collision until the officers arrive or until the matter is settled between the drivers. The penalty for hit and run crimes are profoundly serious and a person should avoid taking this course of action at all costs.

Drivers that partake in hit and run accidents think they are acting clever by avoiding having to deal with the damages they caused, but in today’s day and age with cameras and phones everywhere, it is likely that a person will be caught and then they will have to pay for both the damages they caused and the additional penalties for trying to run away from the collision.

What should be one if a person is involved in a hit and run accident in Jackson, MS?


Anyone involved in a hit and run accident should try to secure the license plate number of the vehicle or try to get witness information on what the driver and the vehicle looked like. Witnesses are not only helpful for identifying the driver, but they can also help build a case against the driver as well. This can be exceedingly difficult to do when a person is in a panicked state of mind due to the trauma they just experienced, but if a person is able to get any information on the other driver as soon as possible, it will significantly help their case.

A person should then reach out to an attorney who specializes in dealing with  hit and run cases so they can help a person figure out who caused the accident and what should be done to get properly compensated for the sudden expenses they have to deal with.

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