The expenses and physical injuries which often accompany car accidents can really take a toll on a person’s life. The best way to ensure a person does not end up trapped in a web of bills and legal documents is to do everything in their power to ensure they are driving safely. Taking preventative measures will not only make the roads a safer place for themselves and other drivers, but it will also decrease the chances of a person getting into a serious accident.

Car accidents are actually the number one cause of death for young adults in the U.S. This statistic is scary, but it is comforting to know that every driver can take matters into their own hands and significantly reduce their chances of getting into an accident by following a few simple steps.

Naturally, the safer a person drives, and the more precaution a driver takes, the fewer chances they have of getting into an accident.

What can I do to decrease the chances of getting into an accident?

Being a new driver can increase a person’s chances of getting into an accident. New drivers commonly make a few major mistakes which cause them to lose control and hit other vehicles. If a person has just received their license, they should pay extra attention to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Driving above the speed limit
  • Not taking road conditions into consideration when driving
  • Failing to scan the road and react to hazardous situations
  • Getting distracted easily

If a person makes sure they are taking their time and they do not speed down the streets then they will most likely be able to avoid the above errors. It can be tempting to rush as most new drivers fear they will slow down traffic and get honked at, but at the end of the day, taking one’s time will always be the safer and wiser decision to undertake. It is vital that a person drives slowly so that they can observe everything that is going on around them and react accordingly.

Another way that new drivers can make sure they are staying as safe as possible when behind the wheel is to continue getting in practice even after they have gotten their license. Driving around when the streets aren’t very busy or practicing in parking lots is a good way to get more experience with less risk of getting into an accident.

New drivers often find themselves in confusing situations, and even if they do end up getting into an accident they don’t have to start panicking. Calling a car accident attorney in Philadelphia, PA is a good first step to take after getting into a significant accident. If a person only scratches their vehicle or the damages of their minor accident cost less than $500 then they do not have to worry about calling the authorities. However, if the damage is significant then a person should get in touch with an attorney so that they can communicate with the insurance company on their behalf.