Most people view traffic tickets as a minor annoyance, but is that always the case? How expensive can a traffic ticket get in New York? You might be surprised at the answer. While you might be tempted to simply pay a $30 traffic fine and forget about it, you might not be so eager to pay sums of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How bad can it really get in Westchester County or White Plains? Let’s explore the worst-case scenarios for traffic tickets in New York…


What is the Most Expensive Speeding Ticket You Can Get in New York City?


According to New York state law, the worst speeding ticket you can possibly get comes with a fine of approximately $1,500. Keep in mind that you would have to simultaneously commit a number of traffic violations to receive a fine this high. First of all, you would need to be going 31 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone, which carries a fine of $1,200. To raise that sum up to $1,500, you would need to already have 2 points on your driver’s license, which comes with an added fine of about $200. Finally, you would need to pay around $100 in court fees. 


While this might sound like a lot of money, it’s definitely not as bad as speeding tickets in other countries. In 2010, a Swiss motorist was fined $290,000 for driving through a small, rural village at about 85 miles per hour. The driver was a repeat offender, and Switzerland hands out fines based on what an offender is realistically able to pay. Because this driver was quite wealthy (he was driving a priceless Ferrari Testarossa), he was ordered to pay an exorbitant sum. 


What is the Most Expensive Parking Ticket You Can Get in New York?


New York is also famous for its expensive parking tickets. Of course, New Yorkers already know this, and almost every resident of this state has had to pay a parking ticket over the course of their life. Here are a few examples of how expensive parking tickets can get in the Empire State:

  • $65 for parking at an angle to the curb
  • $115 for parking where signs to do not permit you to do so
  • $165 for parking in front of a pedestrian ramp
  • $515 for “Stopping or standing by an intercity bus in its assigned on-street bus stop location other than when actively engaged in the pick-up or discharge of its passengers.” 


Get Legal Help


The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to pay these fines if you enlist the help of a qualified attorney with experience in traffic violations. Reach out to Darren DeUrso, Attorney at Law today, and you can avoid tickets and have your points dismissed. It may be easier than you think to walk away from even the highest traffic tickets with your bank account intact. 


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