Every vehicle owner in New York State is required to purchase No-Fault insurance coverage. No-fault insurance, which is also referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), provides up to $50,000 to the driver and any passengers who were injured in a car accident in Syracuse, NY regardless of fault. Essentially, what this means is that if an individual was involved in a wreck with another driver, even if they weren’t at fault, they can file a no-fault claim with their insurer and potentially recover up to $50,000 for medical bills and lost wages.

It is important to note that if a driver is carrying additional coverages at the time of the accident, they may even be entitled to receive more compensation given it is warranted. In the event a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, they would need to file their no-fault claim with the vehicle owner’s insurer.



Important Things to Know About No-Fault Benefits in New York State


  1. No-fault forms.

If an accident victim wishes to utilize their no-fault benefits, they will be required to fill out a no-fault form within three days after the accident. If for some reason a victim is unable to get the form submitted to the insurer within those three days, the company could deny their request for benefits. This is one of the reasons why the Syracuse, NY accident attorneys at Stanley Law encourage car crash victims to contact their office immediately after an accident as they will actually assist a victim with getting these forms filled out and filed within those three days.

One of the benefits of getting a no-fault form submitted on time aside from it being a requirement is that the quicker it is submitted, the quicker an accident victim can begin receiving benefits. This can be especially helpful to those who are out of work because of the injuries they suffered in a car accident.


  1. Recovering compensation for lost wages.

If a car accident victim would like to be reimbursed from their no-fault insurance for the wages they were unable to earn, their employer must fill out the NF6 Form that will confirm how much they made, etc. In the event the individual is self-employed, they will need to work directly with the no-fault adjuster and provide them with their tax returns so that they can determine how much the victim is entitled to receive in weekly benefits.

Car accidents should be aware that the insurer will only provide a victim with up to $2,000 a month for lost wages.


  1. A physician’s role in the no-fault claims process.

In order for a car accident victim to recover lost wages using their no-fault benefits, their physician must have determined that he/she is disabled and unable to return to work.


If an individual was recently involved in a car accident in Syracuse, NY, and would like help recovering the no-fault benefits they are entitled to, they can contact Stanley Law to discuss their case with a car accident lawyer.


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