Instacart is a growing grocery delivery company that delivers groceries to the doorsteps of consumers. With more and more individuals turning to online shopping, several stores have decided to contract with Instacart so that consumers can shop at their stores and also get their grocery items delivered within a short period of time. As Instacart grows, so does the number of drivers that are out on the roads.

With Miami already serving as one of the busiest cities in all of Florida, having more vehicles out on the roads only increases the chances of an accident occurring. If an individual was recently involved in an accident with an Instacart delivery driver in Miami, FL and is wondering who should be held liable for covering their damages, they should read on for some helpful information.


Who is liable for an accident caused by an Instacart driver in Miami, the company or the driver?


When an individual agrees to perform services for Instacart, they are merely signing on as an independent contractor. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), an independent contractor is someone who “[offers] their services to the general public” and is in control of the services they perform. Because Instacart delivery workers choose the tasks they want to complete, they are considered independent contractors and are, therefore, not entitled to receive any of the benefits the company offers to its employees, according to the Instacart Independent Contractor Agreement.

Essentially, what this means is that Instacart delivery drivers are not insured by the company when they are providing their services (i.e. picking up and dropping off an order). So, who is liable for covering an accident when an Instacart delivery driver is responsible for causing it? The Instacart delivery driver is.

Because Instacart does not insure its drivers, if a grocery delivery driver is involved in a wreck in Miami, their insurance would be required to cover the accident. Now, Florida does follow no-fault insurance laws which means those involved in an accident will generally need to first file a claim with their own carrier. In the event the accident resulted in serious injuries or the victim in the incident is underinsured, they can then turn to the Instacart driver’s carrier for coverage.

All drivers in the State of Florida are required to carry minimum auto insurance coverage so that in the event of an accident, a victim can at least recover benefits using their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.


Involved in an accident with an Instacart delivery driver in Miami, FL?


After an auto accident involving an Instacart delivery driver, a victim might have many questions and concerns that only a qualified Miami, FL car accident attorney can answer. Mario Trespalacios P.A. is an accident law firm located in Miami, FL that provides legal advice and services to those who have been involved in any type of vehicular accident. To connect with a Miami, FL car accident lawyer to discuss a recent collision with an Instacart delivery driver, contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. at 305-261-5800.


Mario Trespalacios P.A. can be contacted at:


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