There are many causes of car accidents in Jackson, Mississippi and the legal consequences of a collision are based on these causes and on how serious the resulting damages were. An accident can be minor with no injuries or it could be serious with fatalities and a lot of property damage. The worse the damage is, the more compensation that is required to assist the victims in recovering from the harm they suffered.

When deciding if a person is to be held responsible for a collision or not, many factors will be considered, including if they acted negligently or recklessly. They may also be held accountable if it is determined that willful misconduct took place. Willful misconduct occurs when one person harms another on purpose and intending to hurt them.

Sometimes, drivers cause accidents and make it appear as if the collision was caused by another driver, so they don’t have to face the liability themselves and to get money to fix previous issues their vehicle had. If a person purposely gets into an accident to blame the other party and get money from it, this is termed as willful misconduct and the person who does this can have criminal charges laid against them. If willful misconduct is proven, a person will have to contact a criminal defense attorney to get help defending their actions and potentially reducing their charges.

Willful misconduct is rarer than negligence cases. Car accidents based on negligence occur when at least one driver acts carelessly, and this causes an unintentional accident. If a person does not read the signs on the road properly and they fail to notice their surroundings or they were distracted while driving, then an accident will likely occur, and they can be held accountable for negligence in such cases. However, if a person is negligent, they will likely not face criminal charges and will just have to deal with the damages the victim suffered because of their lack of care.

Getting in touch with a car accident attorney in Jackson Mississippi

Whether a person purposely got into an accident or they are the victim of another driver’s negligence, they will need to connect with a car accident attorney to help them deal with the legal aspects of the case. Getting legal advice shortly after a collision is vital as it can remind a person of the best practices according to the law and a person can get a firm idea of where their situation currently is and what steps should be undertaken next.

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