Woman from Cedar Rapids and others die during serious head on crash

Cedar Rapids, IA – Cars tend to travel at high speeds on interstates and similar large roads. Unfortunately, this creates a serious risk of life changing injuries or fatalities if there is an accident. Those who have recently been involved in a collision can seek out legal advice to see if they are able to receive compensation through a civil lawsuit. If a case is successful, there can be various types of compensation paid out, although determining the exact amount of damages can be difficult without specific legal advice about the facts of each case.  

KCRG.com reported on a head on collision on Interstate 80 where a woman from Cedar Rapids died [1].

Three fatalities and one injured person reported after highway collision

Police believe that the incident happened at around 11:15 pm on Interstate Highway 80 near mile marker 284 and the Walcott exit. The Iowa State Patrol said that two four door cars crashed head on in the eastbound lanes in Scott County, although based on the positioning of the cars that had difficulty determining exactly what happened.  

Along with the 23 year old woman from Cedar Rapids who passed away after the crash, other deceased victims were identified as a 34 year old woman from Fresno, California, and a 46 year old woman from Rock Island, Illinois. One other person needed to be taken to a local hospital for treatment for their injuries.

Due to the serious nature of the crash and number of victims, the Iowa Department of Transportation, Walcott Fire Department and EMS, Davenport police, and Scott County Sheriff’s Office all assisted with the response. They were still conducting a thorough investigation at the time of the news report.  

Wrongful death lawsuits

In situations such as this, the families of victims can attempt to file a civil lawsuit after a fatal accident. This is called a wrongful death case, and it can be brought even if the person responsible is never charged in criminal court or acquitted after a trial. If this case is successful, the family can receive compensation for things like the person’s final medical bills, their funeral and burial costs, the family’s pain and suffering, and damages related to the person’s future lost income and earning potential. Many lawyers who handle personal injury cases will also have extensive experience with wrongful death cases, as proving negligence in all injury lawsuits is a similar process. 

Compensation for a fatal accident

Determining the appropriate amount of compensation in wrongful death cases can be complex and challenging, as it involves evaluating several factors related to the deceased person’s life and the impact of their death on their loved ones.

There are two main types of damages that can be awarded in wrongful death cases: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to the quantifiable financial losses resulting from the victim’s death, such as medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, and loss of future earnings. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are less tangible and more subjective, and may include compensation for the pain and suffering of the deceased person, as well as the emotional distress experienced by their surviving family members.

To determine the appropriate amount of compensation for economic damages, the court will consider various factors such as the victim’s age, occupation, income, and work-life expectancy. This may involve consulting with financial experts to calculate the lost earnings and benefits the victim would have received had they not been killed. In addition, the court may consider the cost of any medical treatment the victim received prior to their death, as well as the expenses associated with their funeral and burial.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are more subjective and may vary significantly depending on the circumstances of the case. To evaluate these damages, the court will consider the victim’s age, health, and life expectancy, as well as their relationships with their surviving family members. The court may also take into account the emotional pain and suffering experienced by the victim before their death, as well as the grief, sorrow, and loss of companionship felt by their loved ones.

In addition to economic and non-economic damages, some states also allow punitive damages in wrongful death cases. Punitive damages are designed to punish the responsible party for their wrongful conduct and deter similar behavior in the future. The amount of punitive damages awarded may depend on factors such as the severity of the wrongdoing, the defendant’s level of culpability, and their financial resources. Plaintiffs in Iowa should generally not expect to receive these kinds of damages unless there is some kind of outrageous behavior by the defendant. 

Ultimately, the amount of compensation awarded in wrongful death cases will depend on the specific circumstances of each case. Factors such as the victim’s age, income, and health, as well as the emotional impact of their death on their loved ones, will be considered when determining the appropriate amount of damages. It is important for the surviving family members or beneficiaries to work with experienced attorneys and financial experts who can help them accurately evaluate their losses and present a strong case to the court.

Car accident attorneys in Cedar Rapids

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