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If you engaged in a car accident in the state of Wyoming, there are certain factors you are going to want to take into consideration before assuming all of the damages incurred are going to be compensated for. There are many phases that are involved in filing a car accident lawsuit and you don’t want to skip any steps that could cause you to risk losing out on any funds that could cover the cost of your vehicle damage along with the accrued medical bills from the treatment rendered.

Aside from being responsible for filing your car accident lawsuit within four years from the date of the accident, you also need to consider your role in the actual collision. Were you completely at-fault? Were you partially at fault? How did the collision occur and was negligence a factor on either driver’s part? All of the answers to these questions are going to determine what exactly you are going to receive in your settlement from your insurer or from the lawsuit you filed.

Wyoming Follows the Contributory Fault Rule

One of the first things that any insurance company is going to look at is fault. So how does the state of Wyoming assess this? This is where the contributory fault rule comes into play. This means that If you are found accountable for causing the accident, whether it is 50% or 20% your fault, this won’t affect the fact that you are entitled to compensation but it will affect how much of the compensation you are entitled to receive.

According to the Wyoming Legislature, Statute 1-1-109 states: The contributory fault “shall not bar a recovery in an action by any claimant or the claimant’s legal representative to recover damages for wrongful death or injury to person or property,” as long as the claimant is not found at-fault for more than 50% of causing the accident. Any damages that may be awarded shall be reduced in proportion based on the percentage of fault that has been attributed to the claimant. It is extremely important that if you weren’t at-fault but the other driver is now accusing you of causing the crash that you take legal action and hire a legal representative immediately.

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